Sageworks Guitar support


(Formerly known as the "Barnett Original Model")


Designed by luthier Kris Barnett and master woodworker Randy Meinert, the Sagework Guitar Support features the implementation of rare-earth magnets to safely and reliably attach the support to the instrument.


The use of magnets ensures secure attachment, and it allows the support to "find" the proper location on the instrument instantaneously through magnetic attraction. This unique method of affixment is only one of many features that sets this support apart from others.

Atlas Magnetic Guitar Support


The Sagework Atlas Guitar Support features the rich look of Rosewood on the Adjustable Arm and Magnet Holders. It is an elegant extension of your instrument.


Price: €130



Umbra Magnetic Guitar Support

(Formerly known as the "Barnett Original Model")


This is the more economical version of the Atlas Magnetic Guitar Support. Functionally, it is exactly the same, but the wooden parts of the standard model are replaced with Vydyne, a high quality reinforced nylon that is both strong and beautiful.


Price: €104



Magnet Sets & Command Strips


Price: €27